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The Václav Havel Library Notebooks

Since 2009, the unusual quarterly called “The Václav Havel Library Notebooks” has been issued. The Notebooks primarily aim to reflect, a little differently than is normally done, the personality of Václav Havel, the period in which he lived and his thoughts. Therefore, texts which are new or unknown to the public, having the potential to view Havel-type themes from unexpected angles, will be published in The Notebooks. The Notebooks are not strictly limited in genre: the texts may come from the field of philosophy, political science, sociology, as well as poetry – even student reflections are not excluded. Secondarily, The Notebooks summarize the activities of the Václav Havel Library for a given period.


Ladislav Hejdánek: What is Required Today

The 12th edition of the Václav Havel Library Notebooks is a just published selection from the Intellectual Diaries of one of the most important Czech philosophers of the second half of the 20th century – Ladislav Hejdánek.

September 19, 2012  |  Where and when?  |  ico  | 

VHL Notebook No. 4/2010: Daniel Kroupa - History of Kampademie

Here is the first comprehensive summary of the history of the intellectual fellowship of Kampademie – the renewed platonic academy at Kampa - whose members were, among others, Zdeněk Neubauer, Radim Palouš, Pavel Bratinka, Daniel Kroupa, and also Václav Havel. The publication also includes contemporary photographs from Hrádeček and a transcript of one of the recorded kampademic discussions.

December 2, 2011  |  Where and when?  |  ico  | 

Vaclav Havel Library Notebooks 2009/4 – M. C. Putna: Spirituality of Václav Havel

Spirituality of Václav Havel, the new study of Martin C. Putna, searches for the sources of Havel’s philosophical texts - which almost no one has yet noticed.

November 27, 2011  |  Where and when?  |  ico  | 

Vaclav Havel Library Workbooks 2009/3 - L. Hejdánek: Havel is Carbon

Set of critical reflections on Havel’s intellectual work from the pen of a leading Czech philosopher. Many texts are published in a book for the very first time.

October 20, 2011  |  Where and when?  |  Photogallery  |  ico  | 

VHL Notebooks 2010/3: Zdeněk Neubauer - Consolatio Philosophiae Hodierna

The Czech-English notebook contains an essay on the Letters to Olga written by Zdeněk Neubauer upon wish of the then-imprisoned author. The publication also includes a contemporary interview with the author about a midsummer trip, Kampademia, letters from prison and letters to prison, about Consolatio philosophiae, Hrádeček, and also about Catholicism, magic mushrooms as well as Tolkien...

October 7, 2011  |  Where and when?  |  ico  | 

Vaclav Havel Library Notebooks 2009/2

The second issue of the Václav Havel Library Notebooks entitled “Instigation and Punishment” (“Podněcování a trest”) was published on 2nd June 2009. “Instigation and Punishment” is a unique and absurd text. It is the actual court trial record of Václav Havel from February 1989, converted into the form of a theatrical drama – “almost another play by Václav Havel.”

June 2, 2011  |  ico  | 

VHL Notebooks 3/2011: Vácslav Havel (Atom) – The Book of Life

It is generally known that Václav Havel’s grandfather, Vácslav Havel (1861–1921), was an entrepreneur in the building industry and supporter of Czech culture. It is almost unknown, however, that in his declining years he came one step closer to the role of a creator: he became the author of a book dealing in a very peculiar way with themes at the borderline of religion, science, and philosophy. But this author-thinker extension of his personality remained unrevealed until now because he published the work under a pseudonym.

May 25, 2011  |  ico  | 

VHL Notebooks 2010/2: Interviews with the 36ers and Silver Wind

The book is composed of works of the 36ers published in Samizdat magazines' Interviews with the 36ers and Silver Wind. Among others, it contains Havel’s unknown texts from his earliest period, uncovered in the depths of Hrádeček.

May 25, 2011  |  Where and when?  |  ico  | 

Václav Havel Library Notebooks 2009/1

The first issue of the Václav Havel Library Notebooks quarterly was published on 11th March 2009.

March 11, 2011  |  ico  | 

VHL Notebooks 2011/1: Vladimír Vokolek – Anecdotal Anonymous Nation

Poems on Communist Putsch written 1948–1950

In all probability, this collection is the first immediate poetic reflection of the Communist Putsch and the consequent life in lies.

February 20, 2011  |  Where and when?  |  ico  | 

The Vaclav Havel Library Notebooks 2010/1: Jiří Kuběna - Masks, Drawings and Paintings

The first volume of the second year of the Vaclav Havel Library Notebooks is a catalogue to the art exhibition of Jiří Kuběna bearing the same name.

January 26, 2011  |  Where and when?  |  ico  |