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The VH Library at Knižní Lázně 
22/06/24 10:00 – 23/06/24 19:00, Mariánské Lázně

The Václav Havel Library will have a stand at this book fair, which features a range of small publishers and rich accompanying programme and takes place on the main colonnade in the centre of Mariánské Lázně.


The VH Library at Knihex 
08/06/24 10:00 – 08/06/24 20:00, Holešovická tržnice, Bubenské nábř. 306, Prague 7

As is now traditional, a VH Library stand with both new and tried and tested titles will be present at Kasárna Karlín for the Knihex festival of small publishers.


The Václav Havel Library at Book World Prague 
23/05/24 09:00 – 26/05/24 19:00, Výstaviště Praha - Holešovice, Areál Výstaviště 67, 170 90 Praha 7

You will find our stand carrying new and established titles in Hall A, near the entrance to the trade fair grounds. In addition we will be at the Václav Havel Hall at 3 pm on May 23 to introduce the latest publications from the Václav Havel Library, which this year is celebrating 20 years of existence. Participants will include Anna Freimannová, Martin Vidlák and Jan Šulc, while Jáchym Topol will read excerpts.


VH Library at Bookfest 
27/04/24 10:00 – 27/04/24 19:00, Žižkárna, Žižkova 28, České Budějovice

After Prague and Pilsen, the Bookfest festival of small publishers is spilling over into České Budějovice for the second time. A stand with books, posters and other essentials from the Václav Havel Library will also be present.


The Václav Havel Library at Knihex 
16/12/23 10:00 – 17/12/23 20:00, UMPRUM technology center, Mikulandská 134/5, Prague

The traditional Knihex book festival will take place in the almost adjacent UMPRUM building on Mikulandská St., with a Václav Havel Library stand offering books and other essentials throughout the weekend.


Different City Experience with the Václav Havel Library 
16/09/23 11:00 – 16/09/23 19:00, Opatovická ulice, Prague 1

This year once again the Václav Havel Library will take part in the neighbourhood festival Different City Experience, organised by the AutoMat association. During the daylong programme you will find our stand with books, posters and other essentials on the nearby Opatovická St., while an exhibition of Václav Havel’s Anticodes will be held in the garden on V Jirchářích.


The Václav Havel Library at Knihex 
10/06/23 10:00 – 10/06/23 20:00, Kasárna Karlín, Prague 8

Once again the Václav Havel Library will have a stand at Knihex, a traditional festival of small book publishers taking place for the 13th time. There you will find our newest publications alongside established titles, posters and other essentials.


VH Library at Book World Prague 
11/05/23 10:00 – 14/05/23 16:00, Výstaviště Praha - Holešovice, Areál Výstaviště 67, 170 90 Praha 7

At this year’s Book World Prague trade fair you will find a Václav Havel Library stand with both new and classic titles, posters and other essential items at a hall erected beside the Křižík Pavilion B.


The Václav Havel Library at Bookfest 
29/04/23 10:00 – 29/04/23 19:00, Žižkárna, Žižkova 28, České Budějovice

After Prague and Pilsen, Bookfest, organised by the Guild of Small Publishers, will be held for the first time in České Budějovice (at the Žižkárna arts and creative hub). Naturally a Václav Havel Library stand will be present.


The VH Library at Winter Knihex 
10/12/22 10:00 – 11/12/22 20:00, French Institute in Prague, Štěpánská 644, Prague 1

The traditional pre-Christmas Knihex is this year taking place at the Institut francais. Alongside many other small publishers it will include a stand of the Václav Havel Library, packed with books and other small essentials.


The Václav Havel Library at Bookfest 
03/12/22 10:00 – 04/12/22 17:00, DEPO2015, Presslova 14, Plzeň

Come and say hello and pick up a book at our stand at Bookfest, a festival of small publishing houses in Plzeň. This time it is taking place as part of Plzeň’s Design Week at the venue DEPO2015. A rich accompanying programme is also planned.


Experience the City Differently with the Václav Havel Library 
17/09/22 11:00 – 17/09/22 17:00, Prague 1

Within the rich programme of the event Zažít město jinak (Experience the City Differently) you can visit a VHL stand with books, posters and other items throughout the day in the V Jirchářích garden on Opatovická St. – entrance opposite Café Jericho.


The Václav Havel Library at Book World Prague 
09/06/22 19:00 – 12/06/22 21:00, Výstaviště Praha - Holešovice, Areál Výstaviště 67, 170 90 Praha 7

A Václav Havel Library stand selling many of our tried and tested titles will await you at this year’s edition of the Book World Prague trade fair and literary festival.


The VHL at Ostrava Book Festival 
11/03/22 10:00 – 12/03/22 18:00, The Černá louka Exposition Grounds, Ostrava

You will find a Václav Havel Library stand selling new and tried and tested titles produced by the VHL at the Černá louka exhibition centre in Ostrava.


The Library at the Winter Knihex 
11/12/21 10:00 – 12/12/21 20:00, Pražská tržnice, Bubenské nábřeží 306, Praha 7-Holešovice

Visit the Václav Havel Library at a traditional pre-Christmas small publishers’ market, which this year takes place at Hall 13 of Prague’s Holešovická tržnice. We will be offering both tried and tested VHL titles and this autumn’s releases: FilipTopol’s Bláhové psaní (Foolish Writings) and Někam jsemto ukryl (I Hid it Somewhere). The latter is a report by Václav Havel on the beginnings of Charter 77 and his first imprisonment that was lost for decades but recently rediscovered.


Václav Havel Library at Book World Prague 
23/09/21 09:30 – 26/09/21 16:00, Výstaviště Praha - Holešovice, Areál Výstaviště 67, 170 90 Praha 7

The biggest Czech book fair, Book World Prague, returns to Prague’s Výstaviště after a year’s absence will also include a Václav Havel Library exhibition and sales space. We look forward to your visit!


The Václav Havel Library at Knihex 
18/09/21 10:00 – 18/09/21 19:00, Kasárna Karlín, Prague 8

The 11th summer Knihex will take place this time at Prague’s Kasárny Karlín. This edition of the festival of small publishers will also feature a stand of books produced by the Václav Havel Library.


The VH Library at Tabook 
03/09/21 12:00 – 04/09/21 18:00, Tábor, Czech Republic

The first September event at which you will encounter a Václav Havel Library stand offering its own new books and proven titles is a traditional gathering of selected small publishers in Tábor, South Bohemia. As every year, Tabook also offers a rich accompanying programme, this time on the subject of Family Business.


The Václav Havel Library at Tabook 
02/10/20 10:00 – 03/10/20 19:00, Tábor, Czech Republic

We will introduce both new and tried and tested titles produced by the VHL at this traditional gathering of small publishers and readers, which takes place annually in Tábor, South Bohemia.


The Václav Havel Library at Knihex 
05/09/20 10:00 – 05/09/20 20:00, Kasárna Karlín, Prague 8

At this traditional meeting under one roof of publishers and readers, we will offer you an invigorating cocktail of titles, both new and tried and tested.


Ostrava Book Festival 
28/02/20 10:00 – 29/02/20 18:00, The Černá louka Exposition Grounds, Ostrava

Encounter with the Václav Havel Library at the largest book festival in the Moravian Silesian Region. The library’s publications and merchandise will be on sale.


(Theatre) Night at the Václav Havel Library 
16/11/19 19:00 – 17/11/19 00:00, Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00


Krzysztof Miller: Breakthroughs and Conflicts 
08/11/19 19:00 – 05/01/20 21:00, Leica Gallery, Školská 28, Praha 1

Work by the Polish photo reporter from the Velvet Revolution and around the world.


The Library at Knihex 
08/06/19 10:00 – 08/06/19 20:00, Kasárna Karlín, Prague 8

This year once again you can encounter a Václav Havel Library stand at Knihex, a book fair focused on small publishers. For more information, visit


The VH Library at Book World Prague 
10/05/19 10:00 – 11/05/19 16:00, Book World, Výstaviště, Holešovice, Prague


Hollywood on the Vltava, or the VHL at the Festival of Good Publishers 
28/09/18 10:30 – 29/09/18 21:00, Tábor, Czech Republic

As part of the festival there will be an introduction to titles published by the VH Library and a presentation of Václav Maria Havel’s autobiography Mé vzpomínky (My Memoirs). Ivan M. Havel will be in attendance.


The VH Library at the Book World Plzeň Trade Fair 
21/09/18 19:00 – 22/09/18 21:00, DEPO2015, Presslova 14, Plzeň

A stand presenting books published by the Václav Havel Library and an accompanying programme in the form of the launch of the new title Mé vzpomínky (My Memoirs) by Václav M. Havel.


The Václav Havel Library at Book World Prague 
10/05/18 18:00 – 13/05/18 18:50, Book World, Výstaviště, Holešovice, Prague

VH Library editors and special guests will introduce the English-language edition of Zdeněk Lukeš’s Praha Václava Havla, entitled Václav Havel’s Prague, Jiří Křižan’s freshly-discovered novel Stín (The Shadow) and an e-anthology of the legendary radio programmes Talks from Lány.


Remembering 1918: Turning point for Europe 
11/04/18 16:30 – 11/04/18 20:30, Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00

Free entrance. Registration required.

What is the meaning of 1918 for today’s European politics and societies? What is the role of this history in envisioning Europe of the 21st century?

Historians, journalists, teachers and other speakers from 7 European countries will compare their perspectives and discuss the contemporary relevance of 1918, especially with regard to the interpretations ascribed to 1918 throughout the 20th century. The debate should result in a better understanding of the 1918 and its aftermath as seen from Western and Central European perspective and how this perception shapes today’s views, how the interpretation of history varies in countries and what possible impact it has on politics among the countries in the EU.

The debate is organized in cooperation with Czech Centres, Václav Havel Library, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Finnish Institute for the Benelux, Culture Action Europe, and EUNIC Prague, Austrian Cultural Forum, Slovak Institute and Polish Institute Prague.

The debate will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Czech.

16:30 Opening speeches

  • Václav Havel Library and Czech Centres representatives

17:00 – 18:30  Understanding of the year 1918 in “old” and “new” states

  • Understanding of the events in 1918 by the former empires and the new nations - do the differences still prevail? Do we feel nostalgia, satisfaction, bitterness, indifference…?  And what does the mythology of 1918 mean for the future of Europe? Does it – and if yes, how - influence today’s politics and societies?
  • Moderator: Adéla Gjuričová, historian
  • Speakers: Hungary - György Csepeli, social psychologist / Slovakia - Miroslav Michela, historian / Austria - Christophe Prantner, journalist / Czech Republic - Jan Hanzlík, historian

18:30 – 19:00  Break

19:00 -20:30   Understanding of the year 1918 in Western and Central Europe

  • Are there differences in understanding the 1918 between Western and Central Europe? If so, what are they and how are they reflected in different approaches to today’s reality? Is the year 1918 also perceived as the year of emergence of new states in Western Europe? How was the breakdown of old empires viewed in Belgium and Finland?
  • Moderator:  Pavlína Kvapilová, journalist
  • Speakers: Belgium - Machteld Venken, associate professor at University Vienna / Finland – Kalle Kallio, director of the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas / Czech Republic – Václav Kuneš, history teacher / Poland - Lukasz Jasina, historian

The event is part of a larger project initiated by BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Belgium entitled “1918 EUROPEAN DREAMS OF MODERNITY 100 YEARS ON” and supported by the Europe for Citizens program. The project includes two debates in Brussels and one debate in Helsinki and another debate in Budapest on the similar topic of today’s perception of the year 1918.

For more information about the project, please visit:

Accompannying event of the conference is a series of film screenings about the year 1918 organized in cooperation with EUNIC Prague, for more information please visit:


Forsaken Society 
04/10/17 17:30 – 04/10/17 21:00, Lucerna Gallery, Štěpánská 61, Praha 1

Debate linked to the publication of Erik Tabery’s book Opuštěná Společnost (Forsaken Society), which explores the development of the Czech state and the challenges it faces today and will face in future. Are we capable of learning from our hitherto mistakes? What advice can history give us? It is possible to completely change the basic values of a state, the values it was originally built on? Is populism a driving force today? These and other issues will be discussed.


Film Festival 
23/06/17 20:30 – 24/06/17 23:30, Mobile cinema in the Pitašes’ garden, Šonov

Screening of the films: Citizen Havel, Leaving, Olga, Journey to North Bohemia and Life According to Václav Havel


Just Because I Am Ivan M. Havel 
13/05/17 15:00 – 13/05/17 15:50, Book World, Výstaviště, Holešovice, Prague

Ceremonial presentation of a book published by the Václav Havel Library, Právě proto, že jsem (Just Because I Am), attended by both of its co-authors: Ivan M. Havel (interviewee) and film and literary historian Jan Lukeš (interviewer).


25th Havlíčkův Brod Underground Book Fair 
09/10/15 10:00 – 10/10/15 17:00, Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic

As part of the accompanying programme on Saturday the Library will present its new titles, which will also be on sale at its counter, number 166.


Tabook – Festival of Good Publishing Houses in Tábor 
02/10/15 10:00 – 03/10/15 18:00, Tábor, Czech Republic

Stand and presentation of both new books and tried and tested old titles.


VH Library stand at Knihex 
21/06/15 10:00 – 21/06/15 20:00, Náplavka, Prague

The Václav Havel Library will be represented at Knihex, a trade fair for small publishers, for the first time this year.


VH Library Stand at the United Islands Festival 
19/06/15 14:00 – 20/06/15 21:00, Kampa, Prague

Vaclav Havel Library at international music festival.


The Sun Sets in the Morning 
10/12/14 19:00 – 10/12/14 21:00, Prague Crossroads, Zlatá 1, Prague

Presentation of a new volume in the Václav Havel Library Notebooks series, an anthology of contemporary Romany prose entitled Slunce zapadá už ráno (The Sun Sets in the Morning), by the female writers Eva Danišová, Irena Eliášová, Jana Hejkrlíková and Iveta Kokyová.

Editor Karolína Ryvolová will introduce the book.


The VHL at Knihex Book Fair 
07/12/14 10:00 – 07/12/14 20:00, Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00

The Václav Havel Library will be represented at Knihex, a trade fair for small publishers, for the first time this year.


Václav Havel Library at Autumn Book Fair 
17/10/14 10:00 – 18/10/14 17:00, Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic

The Václav Havel Library will be represented at the 23rd Autumn Book Fair in Havlíčkův Brod by Gabriela Romanová, Tereza Johanidesová and Pavel Hájek. A discussion with readers, a reading of excerpts, and a presentation of the VHL archive and programme will take place.


Indian summer at the Václav Havel Library 
15/08/14 17:00 – 16/08/14 11:45, Trutnov Open Air Festival

Three lectures about Indians at the Trutnov festival: The Sand Creek Massacre and the Cheyenne today; Indigenous Peoples – how they are defined from various angle; Pan-Indianism in contemporary Andean neo-folk music.


Ceremonial unveiling of Havel’s Place in České Budějovice 
11/06/14 11:00 – 11/06/14 12:00, Campus of University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

After Washington, Dublin, Barcelona and Prague, a Havel’s Place is now set to stand in České Budějovice. Bořek Šípek’s piece takes the form of two chairs by a table with a Linden tree growing through it, symbolising the democratic dialogue that was essential to Václav Havel.


The story of Dispatch Editions (1975–1989) 
16/05/14 12:00 – 16/05/14 12:50, Book World, Výstaviště, Holešovice, Prague

Gala presentation of the 16th Václav Havel Library Notebooks, this time dedicated to the samizdat series Dispatch Editions, which was established by Václav Havel and his friends. In connection with Příběh Edice Expedice (The Story of Dispatch Editions) the pitfalls of publishing “banned” literature will be discussed by producers of Czech samizdat: Daňa Horáková, Ivan M. Havel, Tomáš Vrba, Jiřina Šiklová, Pavel Bratinka, Joachim Bruss and others.
Gabriela Romanová will present the programme.


Olga. Report on a monitored subject who refused to testify and did as they liked 
13/05/14 19:00 – 13/05/14 21:00, Kino Aero, Biskupcova 31, Prague 3

The premiere of a feature-length documentary by Miroslav Janek that offers not just a biography but a personal portrait of an exceptional figure: first lady Olga Havlová. A one-of-a-kind woman, known to the public as the wife of Václav Havel and founder of the Good Will Foundation, the film focuses on her “off duty” life. Produced by the company Film a sociologie, it was made with the support of the Václav Havel Library.


Ceremonial unveiling of Prague Havel’s Place 
01/05/14 13:00 – 01/05/14 14:00, Maltézské náměstí, Prágue 1

After Washington, Dublin and Barcelona, Prague too is getting its own Havel’s Place. The piece by Bořek Šípek, featuring two chairs by a table with a linden tree growing through it, symbolises the dialogue that was essential to Václav Havel.


The Litomyšl Circle 
12/04/14 10:00 – 12/04/14 22:00, Castle Area, Litomyšl

Twenty years ago, on 15 and 16 April 1994, the then Czech president, Václav Havel, held a meeting in Litomyšl with six other Central European presidents: Slovakia’s Michal Kováč, Slovenia’s Milan Kučan, Hungary’s Arpád Gőncz, Germany’s Richard von Weizsacker, Austria’s Thomas Klestil and Poland’s Lech Walesa. The gathering, at Litomyšl’s Renaissance chateau, was the first of its kind. Havel had organised it in order to revive friendly relations between the countries of Central Europe after the end of the Cold War. He chose the small Eastern Bohemian town of Litomyšl for its informal atmosphere and the chance of discussions between the presidents and colleagues taking place away from the official negotiating table. The programme was dominated by informal meetings and concluded with a television debate on Central Europe in which all of the presidents took part. A homely, hospitable atmosphere was successfully created, the success of the talks exceeded expectations and meetings of the presidents later became a regular tradition. Today 17 of them meet, though the original group are still referred to as “the Litomyšl Circle”.


Jan Palach: Hero or Madman 
10/02/14 14:15 – 10/02/14 16:15, Synagogue, Kralupy nad Vltavou

Commemorations of the anniversary of the self-immolation of Jan Palach and the events of Palach Week are continuing in February. Petr Placák and Jakub Trojan will visit the synagogue in Kralupy nad Vltavou on Monday 10.2. Visitors will also see footage from the original Video Journal.


From Velvet Underground To Velvet Revolution 
18/12/13 17:00 – 19/12/13 00:00, Archa Theatre, Na Poříčí 26, Prague

Tribute to Lou Reed and Vaclav Havel

17.00 Conference

20.00 Concert - Plastic People of The Universe, Garage, Velvet Underground Revival, Please The Trees

Tickets 290,- CZK

More information

Tickets on-line:

This tribute is organised by Václav Havel Library and Archa Theatre.


A reading for Mikhail Khodorkovsky 
25/10/13 18:00 – 25/10/13 20:00, Montmartre Gallery

The Strategie-31 initiative (CZ) and the Václav Havel Library are taking part in a worldwide expression of solidarity with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Platon Lebedev and all political prisoners in Russia. Khodorkovsky, the former executive director of the company Yukos whose arrest occurred exactly 10 years ago, and his business partner Lebedev were sentenced to many years in prison in dubious trials.


The future of Czech education 
18/10/13 18:00 – 18/10/13 21:00, Montmartre Gallery

A pre-election debate

How will Czech education look after the elections? What do the candidates for minister of education plan for their first days in office? Where do they stand on informal education, tuition fees and the future of regional education? Representatives of the political parties will answer these questions in a debate organised by students from the Czech High School Students Union.


Marcel Chládek (ČSSD)
Petr Fiala (ODS)
Jiří Zlatuška (ANO 2011)
Ivan Gabal (KDU-ČSL)
Zakaria Nemrah (SPOZ)
Ondřej Liška (SZ)


The fate of Slavic reciprocity, or how will Czech-Russian relations look after the elections? 
15/10/13 19:00 – 15/10/13 21:00, Montmartre Gallery

A pre-election debate with representatives of political parties on their foreign policy toward the Russian Federation. Issues will include the extension of Temelín, the Czech Republic’s energy security, Czech representation at its embassy in Moscow, the upholding (or otherwise) of human rights in the RF, and of course relations with the EU and the question of whether Europe’s largest state should or should not be allowed to join.


Ivan Gabal (KDU)

Ondřej Liška (SZ)

David Šeich (ODS)

The debate will be moderated by journalist Ondřej Kundra.

The evening is being organised by the Strategie-31 initiative (CZ) with the support of the Václav Havel Library.


Sudeten Germans in the Eyes of a Polish Historian 
26/09/13 19:00 – 26/09/13 21:00, Montmartre Gallery

A lecture by Piotr Maciej Majewski

Piotr Maciej Majewski (1972) is a Polish historian who specialises in the history of Czechoslovakia in the 20th century, in particular Czech-German relations, a subject on which he has written numerous studies. Alongside a monograph on the choices facing the Czechoslovak Army in 1938 in a possible war with Germany, he has published a book on Edvard Beneš’s position on the Sudeten German question; most recently he brought out an extensive work entitled The Sudeten Germans 1848–1948, which should come out in Czech in 2014. Majewski lectures at Warsaw University and also serves as deputy director of the Museum of World War II in Gdansk.

Host: Jiří Friedl, historian and vice chariman of the Conditio humana civic association


Memorial – A History Lesson Defence of human rights in (contemporary) Russia 
19/09/13 19:00 – 19/09/13 21:00, Montmartre Gallery

Memorial is a Russian non-governmental organisation that maps the crimes of Stalinism and criticise the current authoritarian regime in the country. Dissidents Alexandr Daniel (one of the founders of Memorial and an historian of Russian dissent), Lev Rubinstein (writer), Irina Flige (St. Petersburg activist and Memorial member), Julia Sereda (activist from Ryazan) and Dmitry Petrov (writer) will tak part in the evening, which will be hosted by translator and Russian Studies specialist Ondřej Mrázek.


Varlam Shalamov: Left Bank 
18/09/13 19:00 – 18/09/13 21:00, Montmartre Gallery

Evening dedicated to Varlam Shalamov (1907–1982), one of the most important of the “Gulag writers”. The first speaker will be Russian studies expert Jan Machonin, who translated the second part of the writer’s selected writings Left Bank. Valery Yesipov, a Russian literary historian and leading expert on Shalamov’s life and work, will then present his recently published biography of the writer and discuss less well known and controversial moments of Shalamov’s life. The legendary American Slavic Studies expert John Glad, who did the first English translation of The Kolyma Tales (published in the US in 1980) and helped Shalamov win fame around the world, will discuss how the author’s manuscripts made it to the West and the circumstances surrounding their publication abroad.


Collection on Normalisation-Era Philosophy Set for Launch 
16/09/13 18:00 – 16/09/13 20:00, Montmartre Gallery

Presentation of the collection Filosofie v podzemí – filosofie v zázemí (Philosophy in the Underground – Philosophy in the Background). The volume focuses on Czech philosophy in the normalisation era, in particular apartment seminars, and subsequent developments, when many figures moved from the “underground” to academia and began reshaping or creating philosophy departments. Philosopher Roger Scruton, who in the 1980s lectured at apartment seminars and organised support for unofficial education and samizdat in the Czechoslovakia of that time, will speak at the event.

Jiří Suk from the Institute of Contemporary History at the Czech Academy of Sciences will discuss the historical context.

The book presentation is ogranized by the Václav Havel Library and Fórum 2000 Foundation.


Aldis Cilinskis in Prague 
21/08/13 19:00 – 21/08/13 21:00, Montmartre Gallery

Meeting with Aldis Cilinskis, a Latvian man who for his protests against the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968 spent four years in Soviet psychiatric facilities. The meeting has been organised by the Václav Havel Library and the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes. Aldis Cilinskis’s visit is taking places under the auspices of the Latvian Embassy in Prague.


VHL opens branch at Trutnov fest 
15/08/13 16:00 – 18/08/13 16:00, Trutnov Open Air Festival

A branch of the Václav Havel Library will open at the Trutnov Open Air Festival on 15.8.2013 at the exact same time as the event itself, 4 PM. Readers and visitors can choose from a broad selection of books, DVDs, badges and postcards – as well as from a no less interesting programme:


A Fireside Chat 
25/06/13 15:00 – 25/06/13 17:00, Klicperovo divadlo, Dlouhá 99, 500 01 Hradec Králové

A debate hosted by journalist, theatre academic and critic Vladimír Just on new and prepared productions of Václav Havel’s plays. Lenka Jungmannová, editor of a new book edition of Václav Havel’s Anticodes, a collection of visual poems, has accepted an invitation to take part in the discussion at the Klicperovo divadlo theatre’s Stage in the Attic. Meanwhile, Václav Havel Library editor Anna Freimanová will the present the book Příležitostný portrét Václava Havla (An Occasional Portrait of Václav Havel), which comprises reviews, interviews and essays by leading Czech journalists, politicians and friends of the late president; they were written in connection with his 75th birthday and subsequent passing in 2011.


A Tribute to Jan Lopatka 
13/06/13 19:00 – 13/06/13 21:00, Slovak Institute, Jilská 16, Praha 1

On the 20th anniversary of the death of the important Czech literary critic and editor Jan Lopatka, this tribute evening will feature his friends, collaborators and students, including writers from the magazine Tvář (Bohumil Doležal, Jan Nedvěd, Karel Štindl, Zdeněk Hejda). Milan Šútovec will recall Lopatka’s cooperation with Slovenskými pohľady, Jiří Brabec his work on the samizdat Slovník českých spisovatelů (Dictionary of Czech Writers), and Ivan M. Havel and Tomáš Vrba the part he played in the Edice Expedice samizdat series. Jan Šulc, Zbyněk Jančařík and Terezie Pokorná will also speak, while Michael Špirit, editor of Lopatka’s work, will discuss his overall critical and publishing activities. The evening will conclude with the screening of a documentary about Jan Lopatka (cc. 30 min.) made by Petr Kotyk in 1990.


Czechoslovaks in the Gulag – Exhibition Opening 
03/06/13 17:00 – 03/06/13 19:00, STARÁ ARÉNA Ostrava, 28. října 49/23, 702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava

The ceremonial opening of a panel exhibition dedicated to the fates of Czechoslovak citizens interned in Soviet concentration camps. Its creators have recorded dozens of interviews with former prisoners and gathered a great deal of information in the NKVD archives as well as authentic items from camp life. The exhibition was first staged at the Václav Havel Library in Prague in March last year; after being shown at other cities and towns, it will now welcome visitors in Ostrava.


Don’t Forget Jaromír Šavrda! 
30/05/13 18:00 – 30/05/13 20:00, Montmartre Gallery

Early evening dedicated to the creative and moral legacy of the poet, author and political prisoner Jaromír Šavrda (1933–1988), including discussions, recollections, readings and screenings.

The event is being held by Ostrava’s PANT association, which operates the Moderní-Dě (modern history) educational website, in cooperation with the Václav Havel Library.


The 1970s and 1980s in Czechoslovakia 
21/05/13 18:00 – 21/05/13 20:00, Slovak Institute, Jilská 16, Praha 1

Totalitarianism, post-totalitarianism or an authoritarian regime. A debate hosted by journalist and analyst Jan Macháček with Jiří Peňás, Ladislav Snopek, Anna Šabatová and Petruška Šustrová.

This Václav Havel Library discussion evening is being held in cooperation with the Slovak Institute in Prague.


An Inspired Performance…live! 
18/05/13 14:00 – 18/05/13 16:50, Výstaviště Praha - Holešovice, Areál Výstaviště 67, 170 90 Praha 7

The Václav Havel library presents the voices, faces, poems and songs of the underground: Vít Kremlička, Beatrice Landovská, J. H. Krchovský, Pavel Zajíček, Dáša Vokatá and others.

The event is taking place as part of the 19th Book World Prague international book festival.

Role of the Czech Republic’s presidential office in the country’s foreign policy as it pertains to d 
15/05/13 16:00 – 15/05/13 18:00, HUB Prague, Drtinova 10, 150 00 Praha 5

Panel and follow up discussion will focus on questions such as:

What is president’s role in articulating of foreign policy?

What impact do the vague competencies between the president and the Ministry of Foreign affairs have on perception of Czech Republic abroad?

How does the current situation differ from the past?

What does the constitution say about responsibility for foreign policy making?

What role do presidents play in foreign policy in other countries?

Can the president interpret foreign policy on his own?

Chair: Jan Machacek- Respekt weekly

Entry is free of charge.

The debate will be simultaneously translated into English.


Jiří Orten Prize 2013 
29/04/13 19:00 – 29/04/13 21:00, Montmartre Gallery

Readings by a trio of nominees

The evening is being organised by the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers. 


The Hunter in the Dissent 
10/04/13 19:30 – 10/04/13 21:30, MUMIE - experimental space, Velká Hradební 50, 40001 Ústí nad Labem

A screening of Krystyna Krauz’s documentary about Václav Havel, Our Vašek, in which the Ústí “hunter” appears. František “Čuňas” Stárek will be a guest at the screening, which will also be accompanied by a lecture by historian Martin Krsek entitled The Ústí hunter as a source of inspiration to the famous.

The event is being held by the statutory town of Ústí nad Labem in cooperation with the Václav Havel Library.


The Václav Havel Library Live 
09/03/13 13:00 – 09/03/13 14:00, The Černá louka Exposition Grounds, Ostrava

Presentation of the Václav Havel Library at the third Ostrava Book Fair, including readings of excerpts from some of the Library’s recently published titles.


The Václav Havel Library in Ostrava 
08/03/13 – 10/03/13, The Černá louka Exposition Grounds, Ostrava

The Václav Havel Library is taking part in the third Ostrava Book Fair.


Jan Vladislav – Obstinacy as Fate 
15/01/13 17:00 – 15/01/13 18:30, Slovak Institute, Jilská 16, Praha 1

Presentation of the book “Open Diary 1977–1981” by the poet and essayist Jan Vladislav, one of the key creators of samizdat. Presented by Vilém Prečan.


14/12/12 20:00 – 14/12/12 22:00, Bio Ponrepo, Bartolomějská 11, Praha

The Czech premiere of Krystyna Krauz’s film Our Vašek – The Polish Friends of Václav Havel, which has been coproduced by the Václav Havel Library. For tickets please contact us via email


Release of “A Tribute to Václav Havel” DVD 
30/09/12 19:00 – 01/10/12 00:00, Palác Akropolis, Kubelíkova 1548/27, 130 00 Praha 3

The release of the DVD “A Tribute to Václav Havel”: Lucerna Palace Prague 23.12.2011 will be held in conjunction with a concert of The Velvet Undergroud Revival Band, Michal Ambrož, Vratislav Brabenec, Tony Ducháček, Joe Karafiát, Saša Langošová, Adam Mišík, Vladimír Mišík, Vlasta Třešňák, Vladimír Pavlíček, Petr Pokorný, Pavel Skála, Jiří Veselý, Jiří Zelenka and other musicians.


Václav Havel on Theatre 
16/09/12 10:00 – 16/09/12 10:30, Komorní divadlo, Prokopova 102/14, 301 00 Plzeň

Ceremonial launch of the book “Václav Havel o divadle” (“Václav Havel on Theatre”) as part of the 20th edition of the Divadlo Plzeň international theatre festival. A selection from the writer’s almost 60 years of publishing activities is divided into thematic sections with footnotes. It was put together by Anna Freimanová, while Martin Palouš wrote the foreword and Zdeněk Hořínek and Lenka Jungmannová penned afterwords.


Alan Pajer: Václav Havel, Citizen and President 
06/09/12 18:00 – 28/09/12 18:00, The New Town Hall, Karlovo náměstí 1/23, 128 00 Praha 2-Nové Město

Exhibition of photographs by Alan Payer featuring pictures from the Velvet Revolution and Civic Forum, and capturing Václav Havel as president, playwright and author. Some “non-protocol” photos have also been selected that show Václav Havel in his private life.