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The Václav Havel European Dialogues  and the  Havel-Albright Transatlantic Dialogues  2022

On the occasion of the Czech Republic’s presidency of the European Council, the Václav Havel Library and the Czech Centres are holding a series of international conferences under the names the Václav Havel European Dialogues and the Havel-Albright Transatlantic Dialogues.

The events will take place in 21 cities in Europe and the US with the support of Czech diplomatic missions and numerous local education and arts institutions. For more information, follow the Facebook profiles and websites of the Václav Havel Library and the Czech Centres. We are also preparing Dialogues in Berlin, Athens and, in conjunction with the Czech diplomatic missions in Cairo and Istanbul.

9. 5. 2022 Bucharest  Europe in the Shadow of War
10. - 12. 5. 2022 Prague, Brno, Pilsen  Truth and Democracy
3. 6. 2022 Bratislava, GLOBSEC Struggles on the Frontline: Can Democracies Stop Tyranny?
1. 9. 2022 Prague, Forum 2000 The Indispensable Woman: The Legacy of Madeleine K. Albright
20. 9. 2022 Sofia  Defying all Odds: Behind European Media Democracy
28. 9. - 30. 9. 2022  Maine, USA  Havel and Our Crisis
5. 10. 2022 Warsaw Europe as a Problem, or a Solution?
13. 10. 2022 The Hague Freedom of Speech and its Boundaries
17. 10. 2022 Paris Europe in Václav Havel's Philosophy and Politics
18. 10. 2022 London  Peace and Democracy in Crisis
19. 10. 2022 Cardiff  Peace and Democracy in Crisis
8. 11. 2022 Madrid The Challenges and Opportunities of the Green Transition: Energy Sustainability and Democracy
10. 11. 2022 Tbilisi The Legacy of Václav Havel – The Future of the EU and  Associated Countries Relationship
14. 11. 2022 Brussels Democracy and the New Geopolitical Situation in Europe: How Has the Russian War Against Ukraine Changed European Thinking?
21. 11. 2022 Budapest  “Ok, Boomer”, or Reconsidering The Power of the Powerless in the Digital Age
22. 11. 2022 Munich Environment, Borders, Fake News: Tasks of the Czech EU Presidency
11. 12. 2022 Cairo, The Power of Dialogue

* Coming up next year: in conjunction with the Czech diplomatic missions and Czech Centres we are preparing the Václav Havel European Dialogues in Berlin and Athens.