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The Vaclav Havel European Dialogues
Brussels, 14 November 2017

The Trans-Atlantic Dream of a Free World: Still Relevant?

“Everything seems to attest to the fact that we don’t need to be afraid to dream of the seemingly impossible if we want the seemingly impossible to become reality. Without dreaming of a better Europe we will never be able to build a better Europe.”

Václav Havel, Address at the Council of Europe, 10 May 1990

The Václav Havel European Dialogues is an international project that aims to initiate and stimulate discussion about issues determining the direction of contemporary Europe while referring to the European spiritual legacy of Václav Havel.

When and where

  • Date: 14 November 2017
  • Place: BOZAR, Rue Ravenstein 23, Brussels
  • Organizers: The Vaclav Havel Library, The Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU, The Czech Embassy in Brussels, The Czech Centre in Brussels, The German Marschall Fund and BOZAR Agora


First Panel: America and Europe: Do They Still Have a Dream in Common?

Heather Conley / Pierre Vimont / Alexandr Vondra

The first panel of the conference will address the topic: „America and Europe: do they still have a dream in common?” The guests will discuss several related to the recent turbulencies in the United States and Europe.  Why does the new US administration question the value of EU as a key partner? Do common values and democratic political culture still form a basis of the relationship between Americans and Europeans? Both entities are committed to NATO, but do they see its mission identically?

Second Panel: What Agenda for Europeans and Americans?

Jan Surotchak / Ian Lesser / Petr Kolář

The latter panel will offer deeper insight into the topic „What Agenda for Europeans and Americans?“. After the recent financial crises, migration crises, Brexit, and changes in US administration, narratives focused on identities and economic protectionism came to the forefront, partially replacing traditional topics such as promotion of democracy. The speakers will discuss issues concerning common substance of European–American relationship, in relation to contemporary issues such as joint fight against terrorism, strengthening of NATO, and reforming TTIP.