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Václav Havel´s Family


Vácslav Havel

Born 25 March 1861 in Prague’s Lesser Quarter

Died 6 September 1921 in Prague

  • Son of Václav Julius Havel and Teresie Baumová
  • Husband of Emilie Havlová, nee Pavelková (1869–1926) 
  • Father of Václav M. Havel (1897–1979) and Miloš Havel (1899–1968)
  • Construction engineer and entrepreneur, owner of several apartment buildings and founder of Prague’s Lucerna Palace

Emilie Havlová, nee Pavelková

Born 1869 in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem
Died 1926 in Prague  

  • Daughter of Antonín Pavelka and Marie Ričanová 
  • Husband of builder Vácslav Havel (1861–1921)
  • Mother of Václav M. Havel (1897–1979) and Miloš Havel (1899–1968)
Václav M.

Václav M. Havel

Born 12 September 1897 in Zběšičky
Died 22 July 1979 in Prague

  • Son of Vácslav Havel and Emilie Havlová
  • Husband of Běla Friedlandrová (1900–1966) and Božena Havlová, nee Vavrečková (1913–1970)
  • Father of Václav Havel (1936–2011) and Ivan Miloš Havel (1938–2021)
  • Construction engineer and businessman, visionary entrepreneur, completed Prague’s Lucerna Palace and founded the Barrandov district
  • Author of the extensive autobiography My Memoirs

Miloš Havel

Born 3 November 1899 in Prague
Died 25 February 1968 in Munich (Germany)

  • Son of Vácslav Havel and Emilie Havlová
  • Husband of Marie Weyrová
  • Film producer, Czech film magnate, owner of the company Lucernafilm, founder of the Barrandov studios
  • His life is outlined in Krystyna Wanatowiczová’s book Miloš Havel – Czech Film Magnate 

Božena Havlová, Vavrečková

Born 15 February 1913 in Brno
Died 11 December 1970 in Prague

  • Daughter of Hugo Vavrečka (1880–1952) and Josefa Vavrečková, nee Kolbingerová
  • Mother of Václav Havel (1936–2011) and Ivan Miloš Havel (1938–2021)
  • Visual artist and designer

Hugo Vavrečka

Born 22 February 1880 in Slezská Ostrava
Died 9 August 1952 in Brno

  • Husband of Josefa Vavrečková, nee Kolbingerová.
  • Father of Božena Havlová, nee Vavrečková (1913–1970)
  • Grandfather of Václav Havel (1936–2011) and Ivan Miloš Havel (1938–2021)
  • Economist, journalist, diplomat, politician, manager, polymath
Ivan M.

Ivan M. Havel

Born 10 October 1938 in Prague
Died 25 April 2021

  • Son of Václav M. Havel (1897–1979) and Božena Havlová (1913–1970) 
  • Husband of Květa Vašková and Dagmar Ilkovičová
  • Father of Prokop Havel and Vojtěch Havel
  • Cyberneticist, philosopher, founder of the Center for Theoretical Study at Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences

Photogallery: Family of Václav Havel

The Havel family at Ahlbeck on the Baltic Sea, 1902. From left: Vácslav Havel, Miloš Havel, Václav M. Havel, Emilie Havlová.
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