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19 January 1993

Mladá fronta Dnes - "The role of the Czech president"
Candidate’s article

30 September 1993

Literární noviny no. 39 - "Books for Bosnia"
Collection for Sarajevo library destroyed by war

17 October 1993

The New York Times 17.10.1993, Lidové noviny 16.11.1993 - "Why NATO should open up to Central Europe"
NATO enlargement

31 March 1994

Foreign Affairs March/April 1994 - "The Co-responsibility of the West"
NATO enlargement

28 April 1994

Lidové noviny - "Litomyšl signs"
Gathering of Central European presidents

13 September 1994

Lidové noviny - "Memory loss?"
Dispute over concept of “non-political politics”

1 November 1994

World Media - "Five Years Later"
Anniversary of 1989 revolution

7 October 1995

Mladá fronta Dnes - "Why I sent the lustration law back"

14 May 1997

The New York Times - "NATO's Quality of Life"

15 November 1997

Mladá fronta Dnes - "We have underestimated the danger of a destructive demon”


16 September 2000

Mladá fronta Dnes, special edition - Prague 2000 Daily and The Prague Post - "Prague – Place of Dialogue"
Annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group

2 December 2000

Mladá fronta Dnes - "Popular game or matter or principle?"
Seven comments on the appointment of the governor of the Czech National Bank

24 March 2001

Mladá fronta Dnes - "An historic chance for our country – let’s not waste it!"
NATO enlargement

30 April 2001

Týden - "Václav Havel: What are you about, Ms.?"
Czech language

12 June 2001

Právo - "What do I really think about fighter jets?"
Purchase of fighter jets for the Czech Army

7 July 2001

Mladá fronta Dnes - "What is the Castle? Simply a cistern!"
The concepts "The Castle", "Castle wing", "Castle politics"

3 January 2002

Die Zeit - "I have a dream..."
Forum 2000 Conference

30 January 2002

Mladá fronta Dnes - "How to elect my successor? Directly!"
Presidential elections

3 April 2002

Lidové noviny - "The passageway of justice"
Granting of pardons, a polemic

19 April 2002

Various European dailies - "Edvard Beneš – Dilemmas of a European politician"
Post-war arrangement of Europe

19 May 2002

The Washington Post - "Quo vadis, NATO?"
NATO enlargement

21 August 2002

The Financial Times - "Lessons from Prague"
Flooding in the Czech Republic

11 October 2002

The Irish Independent - "The Nice Treaty – Step towards a new Europe"
European Union enlargement

23 October 2002

Mladá fronta Dnes - "War or meeting?"
NATO summit in Prague

20 November 2002

Lidové noviny special supplement - "We are a trustworthy ally"
NATO enlargement

18 September 2003

Various world dailies – "Cuba libre!"
Human rights breaches in Cuba

21 November 2003

Mladá fronta Dnes – "Were we superfluous?"
Defence of the Czechoslovak dissent

December 2003

Promotional brochure - "ArcadeEUrope"
architectural intention of "European arcade", text


The Economist, World in 2004 - "Europe 2004: a new impetus for old Europe"
European Union enlargement

19 March 2004

Mladá fronta Dnes – "Belarus – our new Eastern neighbour"
European Union and situation in Belarus

24 May 2004

Mladá fronta Dnes – “Falbr’s lie”
Response to statement by Richard Falbr

24 June 2004

Mladá fronta Dnes – “Dictators only understand force”
Human rights abuses in North Korea

16 September 2004

Lidové noviny – “The Central Asian republics and the Czech memory”
Response to article by Pavel Máš

17 September 2004

Mladá fronta Dnes – “Let’s not succumb to rhetoric of dictator Castro”

Human rights and freedoms

30 October 2004

Lidové noviny – “Václav Havel writes about the European constitution”
Signature of European Constitutional Treaty

16 November 2004

Hospodářské noviny – “We can learn from November”
15th anniversary of fall of communism

30 December 2004

Lidové noviny, Letter to the reader - "Dear Czech Television."
Response to Czech Televisions news coverage of 15th anniversary of first presidential election

31 January 2005

Hospodářské noviny - "To invite or not to invite?"
Relationship between European Union and Cuban dissent

19 April 2005

Divadelní noviny and Arthur Miller Centre for American Studies - “Recollections of Arthur Miller”
Response to death of Arthur Miller

20 May 2005

Le Monde - "Václav Havel says yes to shared sovereignty"
European Constitutional Treaty

15 June 2005

The Washington Post – “A rose for Aung San Suu Kyi”
60th birthday of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi

10 October 2005

Voice - "European responsibility, a joint project"
Vision of a Responsible Europe project

18 November 2005

Lidové noviny – “StB files like a new-old reality show”
Accessibility of StB files

1 March 2006

Mladá fronta Dnes – “Let’s not close our eyes to Russia’s actions”
Statement by members of Shared Concern initiative on situation in Chechnya

12 April 2006

Mladá fronta Dnes – “Family also has emotional dimension”
Statement on concept of family

Photogallery: President Václav Havel

Olga Havlová and Václav Havel on a Prague Castle balcony after the first free elections, 1990.
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