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  • installation date: November 17, 2019
  • address: Restaurant Na Rozcestí, Čeladná
  • photo: illustration photo

The 33rd Václav Havel’s Place was unveiled in the garden of the Na Rozcestí restaurant in Čeladná on Sunday 17 November 2019, the day of the 30th anniversary of the start of the Velvet Revolution, which elevated Václav Havel, until then a persecuted dramatist and writer, to the post of Czechoslovak president. Symbolically, it is located by a linden tree planted in 2018 in honour of the country’s centenary and by a restaurant that was built in 1908 at the place where the salt road to the Kingdom of Hungary, the road to Frýdek and the road to Hukvaldy all meet.

The Václav Havel’s Place is a memorial dedicated to Václav Havel. It comprises two chairs linked by a round table with a tree growing through its centre. The installation of Havel’s Places is a worldwide project that was initiated by the Czech ambassador to the US, Petr Gandalovič, and the architect and designer Bořek Šípek. The aim of the project is to create a network of places in public spaces that can contribute to meeting and the holding of genuine dialogue – places where it will be possible to conduct discussions and to reflect in the spirit of Václav Havel’s ideals and philosophy.