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Plato on Kampa – LOTR in Hrádeček

  • Where: Montmartre Gallery
  • When: October 5, 2010 – January 15, 2011

Where in 1970s and 1980s the interests of Václav Havel met with diverse philosophical themes, joy of play and admiration for the Lord of the Rings? In Kampademia - the renewed Platonic academy based on Prague’s Kampa, whose members included Tomáš Halík (Gandalf), Radim Palouš (Elrond), Martin Palouš (Sam), Daniel Kroupa (Frodo), Pavel Bratinka (Gimli), Helena Webrová (Mulier) and Ivan M. Havel (Puzuk). The exhibition - Autumn project of the Václav Havel Library – presents the unique intellectual fellowship of Kampademia in period documents.

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