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VHL launches donations site

October 5, 2019


Today, on the 83rd anniversary of Václav Havel’s birth, we are launching the Václav Havel Library donations website, (the title means “Havel forever”). 

During the 15 years of it existence the Václav Havel Library has won a firm place in the public consciousness. It has become an important crossroads where all kinds of opinions collide without prejudice, where talks alternate with debates, readings, concerts, theatre performances and happenings and where interesting people from around the entire world can be encountered day after day. In addition it offers video recordings of its evening events at its website www.Vá, loans out exhibitions, facilitates research in its digital archive and provides educational services in the form of video mini-series.

“I believe that we are succeeding in fulfilling the vision of Václav Havel, who when the Library was founded declared that it only made sense as a vital organism that occupies a place that cannot be overlooked in overall public and political life. We take this as an obligation and as inspiration for the future. We would like make use of recordings of hundreds of our events on our own internet television channel, to extend our publishing programme, to prepare further e-learning series and to begin running workshops for teachers… However, all this requires considerable funding. We have decided, therefore, to turn to our visitors and followers with an appeal for support.”  Michael Žantovský 

Help us inspire those around us – and you!

Join us and become a member of the Club of friends of the VH Library! 


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