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Remembering 1918: Turning point for Europe I. (11. 4. 2018)

What is the meaning of 1918 for today’s European politics and societies? What is the role of this history in envisioning Europe of the 21st century? Historians, journalists, teachers and other speakers from 7 European countries compared their perspectives and discussed the contemporary relevance of 1918, especially with regard to the interpretations ascribed to 1918 throughout the 20th century. The debate is organized in cooperation with Czech Centres, Václav Havel Library, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Finnish Institute for the Benelux, Culture Action Europe, and EUNIC Prague, Austrian Cultural Forum, Slovak Institute and Polish Institute Prague. Understanding of the year 1918 in “old” and “new” states. Understanding of the events in 1918 by the former empires and the new nations - do the differences still prevail? Do we feel nostalgia, satisfaction, bitterness, indifference…? And what does the mythology of 1918 mean for the future of Europe? Does it – and if yes, how - influence today’s politics and societies? Moderator: Adéla Gjuričová, historian. Speakers: György Csepeli, social psychologist / Miroslav Michela, historian / Christophe Prantner, journalist / Jan Hanzlík, historian