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The Ferdinand Peroutka Prize: Investigative Journalism Under Threat?

Added: March 8, 2018

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Andrej Babiš’s purchase of the company Mafra, the subsequent exodus of journalists to smaller, mainly print media outlets, pressure on public service media over their investigative programmes, be they Reportéry ČT or 168 hodin and the recent case of Janek Kroupa at Czech Radio – all of this has in recent times highlighted the importance of investigative journalism in contemporary Czech society. These issues were the focus of a discussion organised every year following the presentation of the Ferdinand Peroutka Prize by the Václav Havel Library and the Ferdinand Peroutka Society, which bestows the award. Confirmed speakers this year include the fresh recipient of the prize Jana Klímová, an investigative journalist with Czech Radio, and the journalists Marek Wollner and Jiří Kubík. The evening was hosted by Jan Pokorný.


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