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Kateřina Štenclová: Continuo II (8. 10. 2013)

Added: October 16, 2013

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Karenina Štenclová (born 1959, Prague) is one of the few painters on the Czech scene to have focused purely on abstract painting over a long period. She began experimenting with colour and image during her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague between 1982 and 1988. From the monochromatic canvasses that she created in the 1990s she moved on to the free gestural painting she still goes in for to this day. At Galerie Montmartre, Štenclová is showing works produced this year. The exhibition consists of large-format acrylic paintings that on this occasion are brought to life by a sweeping gestural signature that represents a strong line between the individual works. She makes use of transparent plastic film that had previously served to cover the ground she was working on. These negative impressions of paintings come across as ready-mades and were originally the inspiration for her move from monochromatic paintings to a looser style. The film is interwoven with crystalline structures or short, sharp strokes that, to say the least, contrast with the organic line. Together they form a harmonious whole that combines the film, as the remains of the objective world, with abstract forms expressing emotion. The title of the show refers not only to a fascination with the music of Avishai Cohen but also to the path of experimentation that Štenclová continues to take. She herself says: “For me personally, borders and limitations are important. It is just in exploring them that I find a greater chance of choice in the search for a moment of balance and genuine freedom, which I have been trying all my life to do.”


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