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The Story of Min Ko Naing

October 16, 2013


Once upon a time there was a young man who was in prison in the cell. As he was still there for one decade he started to think that everyone has forgotten him. One day he got news that some country in Europe has given him an award and that was the Homo Homini Award. It was a twinkle in the darkness for him.

In today’s more civilized world the word of human rights is popular and widely used in many chapters. From here I would like to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed and struggled to make the lights of human right light bright under the dark authoritarian rules where people cannot think and realize that human rights are their own rights. That true love for humanity cannot be limited by nationalism, religion or discrimination on the ground of different race, sex or location has been already proven by Mr. Vaclav Havel.

Václav Havel and I were not close friends. We have lived tens thousands miles far away from each other. But under the roof of freedom, peace and human rights we were very close, more than family members. Now I feel very painful for one reason. Now, when I am in Prague I would like to go for a walk together with Mr. Vaclav Havel at Letna Park and discuss about poems, essays and theatre plays. I wish we could discuss and argue together about human rights while watching people passing by on the Charles Bridge. But I cannot have such an opportunity any more. Although Mr. Vaclav Havel personal body is not here with us I believe that Mr. Havel’ s great spirit and effort will remain strong many more years similar like this city’ s architectural monuments.  I truly believe that today Mr. Vaclav Havel is here in this room with us. Mr. Vaclav Havel will always be beside you and us who are struggling for freedom, peace and human rights. In each place of totalitarian regimes Mr. Vaclav Havel will always be there to oppose them.

Min Ko Naing participated at the conference Civic Society: Freedom is not to be taken for granted, organized by Václav Havel Library and have discussed about his life and experiences at VHL event space: photo, video.

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