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Vojmír Vokolek in Montmartre Gallery

January 19, 2011


"In the last two decades of his life the painter and sculptor Vojmír Vokolek approached formally the most recent trends of art. Minimalism, arte povera, conceptual art. However, the rapprochement was only apparent. The work of Vojmír Vokolek always differed - from socialist realism to the subdued modern art or later avant-garde – in one aspect: it always contained a clear, predetermined spiritual message. “There is a content in it, and even religious!” shrieked out a horrified theorist of avant-garde in the seventies. He got rightfully scared and so should we today: work of Vojmír Vokolek really has a very timeless, spiritual content, that is why it offends the very history of the Czech art."

Excerpt from text by Václav Vokolek

Vojmír Vokolek

  • He was born on 3rd June 1910 in Pardubice, died on 30th July 2001 in Pardubice.

  • He studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (Prof. J. Benda) and Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Prof. F. T. Šimon).

  • From 1932–1948 he illustrated many books in the family-owned publishing house, in Stará Říše, for Melantrich and others.

  • In 1954 he made the mosaic on the facade of the Capuchin Church of Saint Cross in Brno.

  • From, 1958–1982 he painted murals in ten churches in Bohemia and Moravia.

  • After 1982 he devoted himself to sculptural work.

  • He is the author of phonic poems that usually served as guides to his church paintings.

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