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Kampademic colloquium

October 3, 2011


We invite you for the first public sitting of the intellectual fellowship of Kampademie ("Academy at Kampa") - a philosophical association whose members include Pavel Bratinka, Tomáš Halík, Ivan M. Havel, Zdeněk Neubauer, Daniel Kroupa, Martin Palouš, Radim Palouš, Helena Webrová, a Zdeněk Kratochvíl.

The Colloquium was held on Friday, October 8 Montmartre Gallery (Řetězová 7, Praha 1). Introductory word was given by Ivan M. Havel.

Accompanying Plato at Kampa - LOTR at Hrádeček exhibition which can be seen at the Montmartre Gallery.

Further, 2 books were launched:

Zdeněk Neubauer – Consolatio Philosophiae Hodierna

The Czech-English notebook contains an essay on the Letters to Olga written by Zdeněk Neubauer upon the wish of the then-imprisoned author. The publication also includes a contemporary interview with the author about a midsummer trip, Kampademia, letters from prison and letters to prison, about Consolatio philosophiae, Hrádeček, and also about Catholicism, magic mushrooms as well as Tolkien...

Fausting with Havel

Fausting is the first publication of the collection of texts compiled by Václav Havel's friends in 1986 at the occassion of his 50th birthday. The texts react to Havel's play, Temptation: from platonic dialogues through the Devil's monologue up to the mysterious Faust's mistress. It is accompanied with a transcript of a contemporary interview with Václav Havel. It is published as the first issue of the Václav Havel Library book series.

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