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Remembering 1918: Turning point for Europe II. (11. 4. 2018)

What is the meaning of 1918 for today’s European politics and societies? What is the role of this history in envisioning Europe of the 21st century? Historians, journalists, teachers and other speakers from 7 European countries compared their perspectives and discussed the contemporary relevance of 1918, especially with regard to the interpretations ascribed to 1918 throughout the 20th century. Discussion: Understanding of the year 1918 in Western and Central Europe. Are there differences in understanding the 1918 between Western and Central Europe? If so, what are they and how are they reflected in different approaches to today’s reality? Is the year 1918 also perceived as the year of emergence of new states in Western Europe? How was the breakdown of old empires viewed in Belgium and Finland? Moderator: Pavlína Kvapilová (journalist). Speakers: Machteld Venken (associate professor at University Vienna), Kalle Kallio (director of the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas), Václav Kuneš (history teacher), Lukasz Jasina (historian).