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Pre-Election Burma and the Challenges of Transition (14. 9. 2015)

Do the upcoming elections in Burma present a true chance for the opposition to grasp power, or are they to be yet another travesty of democracy? With the sudden change of leadership in the party in power and apparent division between the two most prominent elements of the opposition, the NLD and the 88 Generation; with bitter criticism of Aung San Suu Kyi’s controversial stance towards the Rohingyas and her inability to run for president of the country, can we expect the Burmese elections to be truly democratic and legitimate? And even if the current regime permits a fair election, can the divided opposition prove powerful enough to bring the changes Burma desperately needs? Moderated by Surendra Munshi (sociologist, India). Speakers: Sein Di Da (Monk, Burma), Anders Ostergaard (film director, Denmark), Šimon Pánek (co-founder and director, People in Need, Czech Republic). The debate was be held in English and it was organized within the Forum 2000 Conference (