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US Ambassador and communist regime in Czechoslovakia (21. 11. 2013)

William Luers and Václav Havel William Luers served as the US Ambassador to Prague from 1983-86 during which time he and his wife Wendy supported independent activities and befriended many dissidents and cultural figures including Vaclav and Olga Havel. They returned to Czechoslovakia in December 1989 for Vaclav Havel's inauguration and immediately thereafter Wendy Luers founded the Foundation for a Civil Society in New York and Prague to assist the new leaders of free Czechoslovakia and help establish the NGO sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Her former offices are now Nadace Via and Nadace Pontis. They both serve on the boards of the Vaclav Havel Library Foundation in New York Michal Horáček will conduct the interview in English. Michal Horáček, PhD. is member of the board of trustees of the VHL, founder of the MOST civic group, poet, producer and anthropologist.