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Ayelet Gundar-Goshen: Waking Lions

Added: October 10, 2018

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How the State of Israel deals with migration. On his way to Beersheba hospital on an abandoned road Dr. Eitan Green hits a pedestrian. He discovers to his horror that the man is an Eritrean immigrant with no chance of survival and flees the scene. His life is transformed the moment a young black woman, the dead man’s widow, arrives at his door and forces him to provide medical care to African migrants. Green’s fate is in the hands of a beautiful woman who both attracts and repels him. This gripping story about erotic attraction and alienation reveals the darkest corners of Israeli society and the human soul. Since its publication the novel Waking Lions, with its theme of migration to Israel, has won renown around the world. The book and its subject matter was debated by the Israeli writer Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, Czech Television’s Middle East specialist Jakub Szántó and translator Magdalena Křížová.


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