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The Birth of an Activist With a Realistic Philosophy – Václav Havel as a Political Person

Added: May 30, 2018

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Václav Havel experienced the events of the Prague Spring just as intensely as many of his peers. However, unlike others he remained unmoved by official rhetoric, catchy slogans or utopian visions of socialism with a human face. He approached the tumultuous developments cautiously, with a degree of scepticism and realism. The milestones of that period, from Havel’s speech at the Fourth Congress of the Czechoslovak Union of Writers to the mooted formation of an independent political party, his role in the inception of the Circle of Independent Writers, his energetic contribution to the nationwide resistance in the days following the Soviet-led invasion on 21 August 1968 and his recapitulation of a polemic with Milan Kundera on the Czech lot was discussed by Michael Žantovský and guests Karol Sidon, Jan Mervart and others.


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