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Our Man in New York

Added: December 1, 2017

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Discussion with Translator Alex Zucker. New York native Alex Zucker originally studied zoology and appeared headed for a career as a marine biologist. However, a visit to Prague shortly before the Velvet Revolution became a turning point in his life and he soon learned Czech and embarked on a career as a literary translator. Today he is one of the most prolific Czech to English translators and has won numerous awards for his translations. He has introduced Anglophone readers to the work of writers such as Magdalena Platzová, Tomáš Zmeškal, Patrik Ouředník, Jáchym Topol and Petra Hůlová, whose Three Plastic Rooms, translated by Alex, is coming out this November. How is contemporary Czech literature faring in the big, mercilessly competitive world of literature in English?


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