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Tuvia Tenenbom: Divided America

Added: November 5, 2017

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The Israeli-American writer, journalist and playwright (born 1957) presented The Lies They Tell, an unusually witty and simultaneously alarming exploration of the contemporary US. The book, though it was written before Donald Trump’s victory, explores the roots of today’s political transformations in the US, the disconnect between the liberal coasts and the rest of the country and incredibly widespread anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel, as well as the US’s hypocritical stance toward blacks. In the book Tenenbom criss-crosses the country, posing clever, seemingly naïve questions in conversations with hundreds of people to compose a picture that has left many both entertained and astonished. Tenenbom is neither of the left nor of the right but is essentially seeking the truth. In so doing he annoys all and sundry. Introduced by Daniel Anýž and Jan Pergler (publishers Zeď).


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