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An evening with photographer Gabina Fárová

Added: April 20, 2017

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Even during her career as a photo (Saudek, Stano) and catwalk model, Gabina took photos of urban carousing and her companions from the rather juvenile, Bohemian circle surrounding the underground magazines Violit and Revolver, many of whom became established artists (Kremlička, Socha, Karlík, Landovská…). In the 1990s Gabina focused at the Radost photographic agency, which she cofounded, on the underside of that heady period, for instance in her pictures of Valdice prisoners. Her current portrait photographs and nudes, drawing on the beauty of the feminine form, are gems of classic black and white photography. During a projection of both new and now virtually historic pictures, Gabina discussed her life and work with Jáchym Topol. 


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