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Josef Kordík and Tereza Dubinová: Priest by Vocation

Added: November 3, 2016

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The book Svoboda jít s Bohem (The Freedom to Live with God) captures Roman Catholic priest Josef Kordík’s (1948) recollections of his youth, vocation to the priesthood, studies at a seminary in Litoměřice, parish work in the impoverished Sudetenland, involvement in the circle around Charter 77 and signature of the document, subsequent loss of state permit to perform religious activities, civilian employment as a locksmith and joiner, return to religious duties after November 1989, work as a chaplain at Valdice and building of a vibrant community at Železnice near Jičín. Tereza Dubinová, who also contributed to the book, is a Culture Studies expert and Hebraist.


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