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Theater and Revolution (16. 11. 2014)

Added: November 17, 2014

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Evening of memory and debate featuring important actors in the events of November 1989: then students from the Theatre Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts, directors, actors, dramatists and dramaturges. Authentic film footage will also be screened.

Bohemian and Moravian theatre people and the students of arts schools played a key role in November’s events. Emotional reports from students about clashes with police on Národní třídá were the immediate spark for theatre strikes around the country. The extensive network of theatres in Czechoslovakia also made their stages available for open debates, frequently replacing the non-functioning totalitarian media. People from the world of theatre were highly active in the Coordinating Centre of Civic Forum and Public Against Violence, including negotiations with government representatives. The Theatre Faculty, numerous theatres and the Theatre Institute in Prague became production centres for the revolutionary events.


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