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Reading from Eda Kriesová´s Book Václav Havel

Added: November 16, 2014

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Václav Havel knew writer Eda Kriseová from dissident circles and she experienced alongside him the most tempestuous weeks of the revolution. She became his adviser and later director of the Complaints and Pardons department at Prague Castle. What happened at that time will never happen again: thinkers, writers and philosophers took the reins of power… admittedly without any practical experience of governing, but with the purest of intentions.

The author has written the life story of a positive hero to give people an example, an idol, after the mire that they have lived in for 14 years.

Twenty-five years after the Velvet Revolution we lack ideals and values. After the initial enthusiasm, we have become too sober. The title Od utopie k realitě(From Utopia to Reality) sums up the focus of the book...


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