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Small book of night

Added: March 27, 2014

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Launch of the second edition of a collection of poetry by Básník Ticho entitledMalá kniha Noci (Small Book of Night) (Skoba, 2014). The anthology, which presents a selection of the writer’s work from the period 1978–2012 is inspired in terms of content by the trinity of silence (concord and discontentment with the universe, internal and external harmony and disharmony, the landscape of silence). As well as the poet’s legendary magical imagination, it presents poems that are purely detective style, literary hip-hop, cyber pop, silent-soft, sci-fi, retro ballads, heretical or analytical, or his typical haiku. The collection was official launched by Ota Kars, Aleš Klíma and Vít Kremlička, who also participated in the programme.


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