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Dora Kaprálová: A winter book about love

Added: February 28, 2014

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Photographs from presentation of new prose work by the Brno and Berlin based poet and critic Dora Kaprálová. Zimní kniha o lásce (A Winter Book About Love) (Archa-Zlín, February 2014) was written in response to the prose piece “One Woman” by Hungarian novelist Peter Esterhazy. Alongside the author, Kateřina Rudčenková welcome the book. “I read Esterhazy’s texts, ironic, macho, amorous, masculine, although somewhat weighed down by the marble aesthetic of a supreme stylist. Sorrowfully and slightly crossly, I threw the book aside. And from January to February I wrote dear Esterhazy Winter Book, a package of literary ‘vignettes’… It’s a book about men, but is also perhaps at the same time about one polymorphous and elusive man; that’s why it’s about love, about the winter of love.”


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