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Challenges, paradoxes, plays: Václav Havel No 1 Largo desolato (24. 10. 2013)

Added: October 29, 2013

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First of a series of evenings dedicated to the plays of Václav Havel. Largo Desolato is according to its author: “…a ‘musical consideration’ of the heaviness of human life; on the difficulty of man’s struggle for his own identity with an impersonal power wishing to take it from him; on the strange discord between man’s real possibilities and the role that his environment, fate and even his own work have condemned him to; about how it is easy to know theoretically how to live, but how hard it is to actually live that way; about the eternal ‘woe of reason’; about the tragic impossibility of mutual understanding between people who think well of one another; about human loneliness, fear and cowardice; etc., etc. – and finally of course (mainly) about the tragicomic and absurd dimension of all these themes.” The plays of Václav Havel from various points of view: the experience of directors and actors, the opinions of experts and critics, video excerpts and audio recordings, the memories of those involved and last but not least the intentions, inspirations, reflections and remarks of the writer himself. The evening was hosted by Anna Freimanová.


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