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Václav Havel and Paleta Vlasti

Added: March 28, 2012

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During his lifetime, Václav Havel took part in many interesting cultural events and was invited either by friends or other supporters to join many associations and groups. One of those was Paleta Vlasti, which was an informal association of visual artists, film makers and others that cultivated activities without preconditions, often leading to events that were purely Dadaesque in character. On the basis of his friendship with members of Paleta Vlasti –   including Theodor Pištěk, Jan Koblasa and Karel Nepraš – Václav Havel took part in several of the group’s strange activities, such as the Rally of Monte Vlasti. The group also received numerous awards. Its often pranksterish goings-on are documented in photographs acquired from the archive of Theodor Pištěk.


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