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January 7, 2016


Havel@80 is the logo, brand and stamp of celebrations of what would have been Václav Havel’s 80th birthday (1936–2011) organised throughout 2016 by the Václav Havel Library, Art for Amnesty-Amnesty International and the Václav Havel Library Foundation and to which you are cordially invited! Find the Havel@80 programme here; if you would like to add your own event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in 2016: Michael Žantovský / Václav Havel Library, Pavla Niklová / Václav Havel Library Foundation, Bill Shipsey / Art for Amnesty-Amnesty International. (Božena Havlová, Ivan Havel and Václav Havel, 1940s. Photo (c) Ivana M. Havel Archive / Václav Havel Library)


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