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“Spring with 36ers” January - May 2010

January 12, 2011


The Šestatřicátníci (“those born in 1936, or 36ers”) association was the first literary and artistic group which Václav Havel put together at the beginning of his career, in the years 1953-1954, as a seventeen year old man - and the association shaped his own creative beginnings. From the group, besides Václav Havel, came many writers and journalists, among them especially four authors, extremely important for the history of Czech culture - Jiří Kuběna, Josef Topol, Věra Linhartová, and Viola Fischerová.

It is therefore appropriate to recall the “first fruit” of Havel’s literary and organisational activities, to bring the authors together again and present them to a wider audience. “Spring with 36ers” will consist of several interrelated cultural achievements:

Cycle of five literary evenings

The cycle will recall the work of five of the most outstanding authors of the group,  five non-conforming teenagers of the fifties: Jiří Kuběna, Viola Fischerová, Josef Topol, Věra Linhartová and at the end the texts, of Václav Havel himself.

Exhibition of art works of Jiří Kuběna – 13th January 2010

Jiří Kuběna is the author of two crafts: literature and art. However, his art work (paintings, drawings) has never been exhibited publicly in the Czech lands, as it stands in contrast with contemporary art trends. As the first volume of the second year of the Vaclav Havel Library Notebooks, the catalogue of the exhibition will be issued.

Interviews with 36ers - May 2010

Reissue of the manuscript magazine from the fifties, the first “samizdat” of Václav Havel and his friends. Program considerations, poems, criticism. The first texts of Václav Havel and Jiří Kuběna. In the years when official Czech writers mourned at Stalin’s death - what did these adolescents write? Issued as the second volume of the second year of the Vaclav Havel Library Notebooks.

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