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Spring with 36ers

January 4, 2011


Accept our invitation to the first event of this season in the Vaclav Havel Library. The season bears the motto, Havel’s first gang or Spring with 36ers, and will recall the first artistic association which Havel created around himself in the middle of the 1950s.

The Spring starts with the opening of the exhibition of art by Jiří Kuběna, the oldest fellow traveller of Václav Havel, now finally a famous poet – and so far only secretly famous painter. The exhibition takes place in the Montmartre Gallery in 7 Řetězová Street, Prague 1 on Wednesday, 13th January 2010 at 18:00.

Martin C. Putna will open the exhibition as well as the whole season.

Ivo Binder, the exhibition curator, will have a speech.

Jiří Kuběna will read extracts from his literary work.

From Václav Havel’s congratulation:

I believe that I can, on behalf of the whole Association of Friends of Jiří Kuběna (one of the oldest independent initiatives in the Czech Republic), express the joy that Jiří Kuběna has just conquered Prague also as an artist. More than forty years ago he conquered it (also with help of our Association) as a poet and reciter (an ugly word, but is there any better way to say it?). Jiří, we congratulate you that after conquering Prague in socialism you have conquered Prague in capitalism, too!

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