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Václav Havel Airport Prague

June 5, 2012


The Prague airport at Ruzyne to be renamed after the late president Vaclav Havel will be called in English, "Vaclav Havel Airport Prague."

The original English version of the name Prague Airport - Vaclav Havel - was criticised by experts over the word order.

The airport will be renamed at a ceremony on October 5, when Havel would have marked his 76th birthday.

Havel, former dissident, Czechoslovak, and later Czech president in 1989-2003, died last December, age 75.

"The English name that has been consulted with linguists will be primarily used with regard for the international character of the place. The English version will be used in designation of buildings, for instance. The Czech name, confirmed by experts from the Czech Language Institute of the Czech Science Academy, will be used in relation to the domestic public, for instance, in texts about the airport, press releases, announcements at the airport, and in means of transport," said airport spokeswoman Eva Krejci.

"We have discussed the concept of connection to the name of Vaclav Havel with the international airport in Prague-Ruzyne with (Havel's widow) Dagmar Havlova, representatives of the Transport Ministry, as well as the initiator of the renaming (film director) Fero Fenic," Letiste Praha director Jiri Pos said.

The renaming of the airport after Havel was also supported by the Vaclav Havel Library.


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