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Belarus Free Theatre again in the Library

May 4, 2011

Once more, after some time, we would like to invite you to a theatrical performance - “Jeans Generation” -  by the Belarus Free Theatre.

On behalf of the Free Theatre, Natalia Koliada: “We came to Prague to stage our performance at the request of President Václav Havel. To us, he is a man who guarantees a moral position in politics. We came to be heard. Those European politicians who invited the last dictator of Europe to Prague, to the country of Jan Palach, Jan Zajíc, and Plastic People of the Universe, have forgotten what European values mean, those which once, long ago, were based on honour, dignity and morality. We will perform in Prague, to recall those Czechoslovakian and Belarusian dissidents who suffered in the fight for freedom and those Belarusians who are in prison even today.”

The performance will be in Russian with English subtitles.

When: Wednesday 6th May at 19:00.

Where: The Vaclav Havel Library in the Montmartre Gallery - Řetězová 7, Praha 1.

Length of the performance: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Admission free.  Voluntary donations.


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