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Puppet Theatre Czechoslovakia

June 12, 2011


We invite you to a satirical performance by the Puppet Theatre Czechoslovakia. It will take place in the Montmartre Gallery (Řetězová Street 7, Prague 1) on the 12th June at 19:00.

The performance lasts about an hour. Entrance fee is CZK 80.

This theatre was founded in 2003. From its beginnings, it has been connected with the faces of the Brno cultural scene. It was founded as a casual association of actors of the Brno HaTheatre and their friends, but gradually became a phenomenon of many Czech and Slovakian events.

This is a very atypical puppet theatre for adults, building on the scattered traditions of Czech folklore which it uses slightly incorrectly. A particularly valued quality of the group is the connection of distinct scenic elements with marginal and as yet unused objects, such as garbage. These unusual procedures are combined with the use of theatrical techniques, such as playing with optical illusions, etc. The theatrical production is strongly linked to the reaction of the audience, which is drawn into the play without coercion, rather voluntarily. So far, the staged performances have always been connected by a strong updating motivation, comments on historical as well as current political relationships and events, inconspicuously remoulded into absurd slapstick comedy. The poetics are based on the tradition of the modernist musical compositions of E. F. Burian, mis-en-scenes are highlighted by human actors and animals, e.g. beavers.


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