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Totalitarianisms and authoritarianisms in Václav Havel Library

December 1, 2011


The association of CUFA history students in cooperation with Václav Havel Library invite you to the lecture of the director of CUFA Department of Political Science, PhDr. Radek Buben, on the theme of Totalitarianisms and Authoritarianisms (or "an intelligent non-politologist's companion into the world of strange concepts").

The lecture will cover less-known concepts of non-democratic regimes, putting them into context of Czech academic as well as nonspecialist (e.g. journalistic) debates. Attention will be given especially to less accentuated approaches to the study of problems of non-democracies and their understanding. The objective is to offer not only different interpretative framework of Czech Communism than those offered by the classical theory of totalitarianism, but also to show its unambiguously political and conservative drive.


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