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Anna Pammrová – the second encounter

March 13, 2011


Otokar Březina Society in cooperation with Václav Havel Library organises another evening devoted to Anna Pammrová (1860-1945).

We will get to know many texts written by a woman who lived through unhappy childhood and a cruel period of marriage. After the divorce, Anna Pammrová lived with two children in poverty and miserable conditions that we can not quite imagine today. Not accepted by society, she lived alone in a forest seclusion. Her life’s tragedy got even worse with her daughter’s death and the escape of son who never returned. Only the friendship, understanding, and assistance of several people helped her to survive. Her life was shrouded in mystery for the public. In the 1930s, the publishing of O. Březina’s correspondence addressed to Anna Pammrová arose interest in this personality. Her letters to O. Březina were considered lost and appeared unexpectedly only in 2008.

Writings of Anna Pammrová were later completed by Alma Křemenová, her niece. This material was used in preparation of a biography published under the title “Anna Pammrová – Biography” which was edited by Dr. Petr Holman. (Publisher: SURSUM Tišnov, 2005).

Here is an excerpt from the period immediately after the death of O. Březina in reaction to his last letter:

“His last words - and gracefully - demonstrate his extraordinary personal modesty. I don’t know what I ever did for him, that I deserved his gratitude. But he not only supplied the most valuable reading to me for more than thirty years, but he also saved me from suicide and secured several years of a brighter existence.”


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