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History of Kampademie on sale

January 11, 2011


Starting today, you can buy the History of Kampademie (in the Czech language) written by Daniel Kroupa for only 99 CZK in our e-shop . It is the first comprehensive summary of the history of the intellectual fellowship of Kampademie – the renewed platonic academy at Kampa - formed, among others, by Zdeněk Neubauer, Radim Palouš, Pavel Bratinka, Daniel Kroupa, and also Václav Havel. The publication also includes contemporary photographs from Hrádeček and a transcript of a recorded kampademic discussion.

History of Kampademie is published as Václav Havel Library Notebook No. 4/2010 and represents the last accompanying event to Plato at Kampa - LOTR at Hrádeček exhibition which can be seen in the premises of Montmartre Gallery till 15th January 2011.


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