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Ivan M. Havel et al.: Letters from Olga

December 2, 2011


Letters to Olga, written by Václav Havel from prison, is a world-famous work of Czech literature. Now Letters from Olga - the real answers to his philosophical letters - come to light.

However, the main author of the replies to the prisoner was his brother, Ivan M. Havel. Despite the censorship, he also included other people in the correspondence, especially philosopher Zdeněk Neubauer, the main commenter on Havel's reflections about the ethics of responsibility and the "absolute horizon." Knowingly or unknowingly, Radim Palouš, Petr Hájek, Anna Šabatová, Jiří Dienstbier, Martin Heidegger, Emanuel Lévinas, Raymond Ruyer, Vladimír Holan, and others also participated in responding to Letters to Olga.

You can buy the book at the discounted price of CZK 319 (plus postal charges).

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