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Amalie No. 85: New Left, new Right – and where’s their boundary?

November 2, 2011


Perhaps the most characteristic phenomenon of the Czech political stage today is the “reallocation of power,” creation of new alliances and new opinion forces on the Left, as well as on the Right. In some views, the Czech “new Left” or, on the contrary, “new Right,” might seem as touching the extreme, in other views as deepening and renewing their left-wing, or right-wing, identity.

What and where is the new Left / Right – and where is their boundary?

Two of the most prominent representatives of these new media streams: Roman Joch and Matěj Stropnický – will present their vision of the world and their idea of the Left, the Right, and the boundary between them. This time, the Amalie discussion club will be open to interested persons upon e-mail registration at Capacity is limited.

The tradition of private debating meetings, Amalie, was established by President Václav Havel. These meeting of politicians, intellectuals and public figures, always on a specific topic, were held regularly in the Amalie hunting lodge in the Lány Chateau game preserve. After Havel’s departure from the presidential office, Václav Havel Library took over the organization of Amálie meetings and they are held in the premises of Václav Havel Library in the Montmartre Gallery now.

Amalie No. 85 will be held in the Václav Havel Library in the Montmartre Gallery, Řetězová 7, Prague 1 on 2nd November at 18:00.

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