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Words of thanks to Klaus's people for appreciating our work

September 3, 2011


On the 1st of September 2010 at a demonstration of the D.O.S.T. Initiative, in presence of Jana Bobošíková and other comparably significant and popular personalities of our public life, Mr. Petr Hájek, Václav Klaus's vice-chancellor, touched on our work:

"For twenty years the experts of the popular presidential library of Václav Havel have been organizing non-stop Courses of Progress: crowds of journalists, feminists, gays, green alarmists and other comrades, headed by the local branch of the Fifth Column of the European Union, strive day and night to whiten your hearts and brains into an ideal progressive purity."

We would like to express our heart-felt thanks for this appreciation. Pronounced by his mouth, formulated by his vocabulary and addressed to people of his mentality, it means a very strong incentive for our further work.

(You can download Petr Hájek's full lecture here.)


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