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Amálie No. 84 - Green Phoenix

June 23, 2011


On the 17th of June 2010 the Václav Havel Library organised a discussion meeting, Amálie, this time on the theme of "Green Phoenix."

The tradition of non-public discussion meetings, Amálie, was established by president Václav Havel. Amálie shooting lodge of Lány Chateau regularly hosted meetings of politicians, intellectuals, and personalities of public life, always on a set topical theme. After Havel left his function of president, the Amálies started to be organised by the Václav Havel Library. The event takes place in the Library headquarters at the Montmartre Gallery now.

Amálie on the theme of "Green Phoenix" or "What is the future of the green movement in Czech politics" took place on 17th June 2010. Approximately twenty personalities - publicists, activists of non-governmental organisations, as well as politicians - participated in the event. Václav Havel himself supported the Green Party during several previous elections. He even remarked, while reading from his juvenile poetry within the "Spring with 36ers" that "he has always been green."

In order of Amálies, counted continuously from Amálies held in the Lány game preserve, this Amálie was the 84th.


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