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Havel on Stage: practice, translation, reception

  • Where: Philosophical faculty of Charles University, Hybernská 3, Prague 1
  • When: May 16, 2014, 09:00 – May 18, 2014, 14:00

An international conference on the subject of stage interpretation, translation practice and reception of Václav Havel’s work at home and abroad.

Among the Czech and foreign theatrologists and translators who have accepted the VHL’s invitation to attend are Paul Wilson, Markéta Goetz-Stankiewicz, Gyorgy Varga, Inna Bezrukova, Joachim Bruss, Mircea Dan Duta, Andrzej Slawomir Jagodziński and Monika Zgustová. Their papers will focus on various staging concepts and the critical reactions they received, as well as translatological issues linked to translations of Havel’s plays.

Conference programme


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The conference aims to provide a forum for an interdisciplinary debate and is open not only to academics but also to those active in the theatre, translators and critics.

As part of the conference, the exhibition The Scenography of Havel’s Plays curated by theatrologist Helena Albertová will be launched on 15.5 (nám. Jana Palacha 1).

The conference is being held in cooperation with the Department of Theatre Studies, the Institute of Translation Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague and the Arts and Theatre Institute.


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