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František Čáp 100

  • Where: Montmartre Gallery
  • When: November 27, 2013, 19:00 – 21:00

Evening of remembrance held on the occasion of the 100thanniversary of the birth of František Čáp, one of the most important directors who worked with film producer Miloš Havel (Noční motýl/The Moth, Babička/Grandmother, Jan Cimbura/Jan Cimbura) and a post-war founder of Slovenian cinematography.

The evening will be hosted by director Uroš Trefalt.

Among those due to attend are Marie Barešová, film historian and curator of National Film Archive, Krystyna Wanatowiczová, author of the biography Miloš Havel – český filmový magnát (Miloš Havel – Czech Film Magnate) and Urban Arsenjuk, who is working on a documentary about Čáp’s Slovenian period.

The event is being held in cooperation with the Slovenian Embassy and the National Film Archive.


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