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Václav Havel: The Garden Party

  • Where:
  • When: December 18, 2021, 16:00 – 17:00

This distinctive rendering in directorial and dramaturgical terms of Václav Havel’s first play is a joint project of DAMU and FAMU students. It is the result of a Václav Havel Library initiative to celebrate the 85th anniversary of VáclavHavel’s birth and is primarily intended for students and their teachers. “Even a tiny cog can turn large gears, if it finds the right spot. Havel’s play is chiefly about the unworkable nature of a system in which there is no natural turnover or division of power but rather horse-trading and conflict of interest.”

What does Václav Havel’s play have to say today to theatre folk roughly as young as he was at the time of the famous premiere at Prague’s Divadlo Na zábradlí theatre? Viewers will also find a response in the form of a specific work of film on the online Havel Channel from 18 December.

Featuring Barbora Vágnerová, Viktor Kuzník, Petr Matyáš Cibulka, Daniel Toman, Marek Frňka; directors Kateřina Popiolková, Petr Vlček; dramaturgy Tomáš Ráliš; camera Filip Kettner; sets and wardrobe Pavlína Chroňáková; editor Sebastian Kučkovský; sound Ondřej Rozum; production Valeria Borkovcová


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