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Between Boštík, Horáček and Havel

  • Where: Litomyšl
  • When: October 3, 2021, 14:00 – October 4, 2021, 14:30

The Václav Havel Library’s second excursion beyond the cafes of Prague, this time bringing together the lives of private farmer Jan Boštík, publisher Ladislav Horáček and Václav Havel.

NEDĚLE 3. října 2021
14.00 Vaulted Hall, Chateau Brewery
Ladislav Horáček: Václav Havel’s Presidential Speeches
A conversation with Anna Freimanová, editor of the first collection of Václav Havel’s presidential speeches
15.00 Vaulted Hall, Chateau Brewery
Jan Boštík: The Mladočov Jericho
Ceremonial presentation of the publication in book form of an idiosyncratic chronicle of collectivisation in one village in the Litomyšl district
16.30 Exhibition Hall, Chateau Brewery
Ondřej Němec: Václav Havel 1976–2011
Opening of an exhibition of photographs by Ondřej Němec
17.30 Riding Hall, Chateau Hill
Václav Havel – Architecture and Urbanism
Debate between Michael Žantovský and his guests on the habitable world (of Václav Havel)
19.30 Riding Hall, Chateau Hill
Václav Havel: Protest
Performance of Václav Havel’s one-act play by the legendary Divadla na tahu company
21.30 University Library, Piarists Dormitory
Jáchym Topol: The Thorn Girl – Stone Age horror and humour
A solid selection from South American Indian and Eskimo folklore
PONDĚLÍ 4. října 2021
10.00 Exhibition Hall, Chateau Brewery
Havel’s not boring!
Workshop on human rights, civic society and Václav Havel helmed by Bára Grečnerová, head of the Václav Havel Library’s educational programmes.
The workshop is primarily aimed at secondary school students.
13.00 Riding Hall, Chateau Hill
Václav Havel Here and Now
Debate with Michael Žantovský, director of the Václav Havel Library
The Václav Havel Library book stand on Náměstí Václava Havla will offer not just titles produced by the VHL but also readings from his works by Michael Žantovský, Jáchym Topol and others. (In case of inclement weather it will be moved to beneath the eaves of the Chateau Brewery).
Photography Exhibition Václav Havel 1976–2011
Exhibition of photographs by Ondřej Němec, one of the main photographers of the Czech underground and dissent, which present Václav Havel in a fresh and personal light.


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