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Ondřej Fibich: Journeys to Šumava

  • Where: Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00
  • When: October 18, 2021, 19:00 – 20:00

Šumava is revered and admired for its rich history. However, it is also a flashpoint of political interests and environmental clashes. Ondřej Fibich’s
book Cesty k Šumavě (Journeys to Šumava) begins in 1980 when, through his friendship with the political prisoner, poet and Strašín-based priest F.D. Merth, he enters into dialogue with a Šumava then behind barbed wire. Gradually its far from straightforward face revealed itself, and it became necessary to approach it via a variety of means. Using essays, legends, fairy tales, philosophy and mysticism, the work comes across as orchestral, examining dark stories with understanding and drawing a clear message. Šumava’s expelled inhabitants and their traditions must be integrated into history and thought. Only in this way will it be possible for today’s residents and visitors to prosper and not treat the countryside and local history as mere prey.

Anna Fauknerová will “baptise” the book.
Discussing the book will be Ondřej Fibich, Martin Patřičný, Petr Vopelka and Vladimír Just.


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