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Civil Society Under Threat? Its Current Role, 30 Years After

  • Where: Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00
  • When: December 2, 2019, 17:00 – 19:00

From the Central European perspective, 1989 is viewed as a “year of miracles” when freedom and democracy were gradually established in the countries of the decaying Eastern Bloc. Newly acquired freedom also brought previously unimagined opportunities, and a group of former dissidents were involved in the birth of a nascent civil society. But after 30 years’ actual experience of liberal-democratic rule, what really remains of that miracle?

The current role of civil society and its status today will be discussed by Bishop Václav Malý, a member of the board of directors of the Committee of Goodwill – Olga Havlová Foundation, and Robert Basch, executive director of the Open Society Fund Prague. Paulina Tabery, head of the Public Opinion Research Centre at the Czech Academy of Sciences, will present new findings from the study Opinions of the Czech public on the Velvet Revolution and on changes to the political and economic system.

Chaired by Martin Churavý.

Organised by the Václav Havel Library in cooperation with the Committee of Goodwill – Olga Havlová Foundation.


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