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  • Where: Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00
  • When: October 1, 2019, 19:00 – 21:00

Václav Havel’s tragicomedy about beer, human weakness and totalitarianism and more, as performed by the Holešov-based Divadelní studio Viktorka.

Jana Soprová wrote the following of the production in Divadelní noviny: “Directed by Konrád Popel, Roman Juráň as Sládek and Jakub Leška as Vaněk brought to the stage a jovial Moravian brew-master and a delicate intellectual, imbuing these most familiar characters with previously unseen colours. The erotic moment of Sládek’s desire, when alongside his beer drinking a fetching portrait of actress Jiřina Bohdalová fills his dreams, is reinforced. For his part, Vaněk acts out his discomfort by pouring beer into every available kind of vessel.”


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